Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Poster advertisers, please shut the fuck up

Ah yes, poster advertising. Can't switch it off, can't really not look at it, can't evade it. The latest trick that swiss poster advertisers have come up with is "watch this space!" ads, where they promise to reveal something after a certain length of time. Well, they've been doing that kind of advertising for about 2-3 years now from what I noticed, and it's.... grating. Nothing good ever is revealed; imagine non-stop cliffhangers that come out shoddy. And people are beginning to realize, and forget them.

Case in point: First one that I can remember came out about a year ago. Showed a bald, good-looking guy sitting on what seemed to be a throne, with the tagline being "Would you like to meet a real prince?" and a cell phone number below it. Plastered all over Zurich. Super-annoying, it was the talk of the town (congratulations to you, stupid advertiser), but I can't remember what the outcome was.

Next one, more recent: white background, with a stylized "1" in red. Everybody was wondering what the hell it could be. Turned out to be THE FUCKING POSTER COMPANY ITSELF, doing some brand-awareness brain-washing.

Latest one are posters showing various celebrities (Boris Becker) and swiss "celebrities", with the tagline "On 1st of August, I will show my true colours". STOP. IT. I'm not interested. The show's over, and I don't care what is revealed on the 1st.

Then again, I'm just adding to the advertiser's happiness by talking about this... ARGH INFINITE LOOP!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The one I still remember was that "love life" campaign with grainy close-ups of celebrities (I guess) grinning into the camera. Wasn't that supposed to be an anti-AIDS thing? Can't remember.

26 July, 2005 21:33  
Blogger M said...

Oh right... yeah. At least that was for a good cause...

26 July, 2005 21:34  
Anonymous lily said...

at least it's not ring tone ads...

26 July, 2005 21:43  
Anonymous JohnDoe said...

so true111

01 August, 2005 05:21  

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