Saturday, July 23, 2005

Spoilt Liechtenstein Chick

As I was walking home from work the other day, I had to cross a fairly busy road. It had just rained about an hour ago, and in the distance, barreling down the road towards me, was this strangely wrecked-looking car. Only as it came closer did I realize it was a Porsche convertible, in the act of "converting". Except that because of the speed, the roof was having trouble folding up. This chick (who couldn't have been a day over 20), was putting the pedal to the metal, WHILE the automatic convertible top was trying to fold into the space between her and the boot. Just as she was passing me, she gave me the evil eye (cf. previous post on scowling people in Zurich), which I obligingly returned.

All this from a bleach-blond Liechtenstein girl, and the reason I'm actually posting this semi-rant against spoilt women drivers is a book I read about in this weblog. For those readers who don't read german, it's a mini-review of a book written by a woman living on Zurich's gold coast (an area on Lake Zurich's northern shore that takes it's name from the many, many, MANY rich people living there, and the amount of sunshine it gets). The book excerpt from that blog post translates roughly as follows:

"I love my jacked-up SUV, a black 4x4 with a huge, chrome'd bumper. Almost all my female friends have such rides. They claim it's for the safety of their children. I say: In these cars, we full-time housewives and permanent mothers feel as important as we want to be. In any case: You can look down on all the other drivers from this kind of car, and the thought of being able to crush that Mazda driver under my Range Rover amuses both me and my best friend Mona to no end."

You scowling, arrogant, ignorant women drivers of expensive cars are the scourge of humanity.


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