Monday, August 15, 2005

STFU Poster advertisers, round 2

To update all my faithful readers (all two of you) on the goings-on in the engrossing poster advertising scene here in Zurich:

The 1st August poster campaign was finally revealed. It was for a famous swiss beverage. No, I'm not gonna spell out the name. Except it rhymes with "Gee, bella". This advertising campaign is just insulting to one's intelligence: Build up all that "anticipation", yet in the end it's just some dumb Swiss "stars" (some of which aren't even Swiss, such as Boris Becker) with excruciatingly dumb marketing slogans superimposed over their heads, speech-bubble-style.

Why am I even mentioning this? Well, there's a new campaign that's been plastered all over town, of course! This time, the marketing twats have been even more inventive: Full-width poster, bright orange background, with a cellphone number in big white lettering. Am I going to call it? Am I fuck. And neither should you.

Marketing twats of the greater Zurich area, two words for you: Drop it. You know full well that people will learn to "switch off" these ads sooner or later. And when they do, and your clients go "Heeey, we were told these things work, why aren't they?", do humanity a favour and NOT go down ye olde swiss "delegation of blame" road. Also, do us all another favour by NOT acting all surprised, even if it does seem the most natural way of reacting to you at that moment in time.


Anonymous JoeKickass said...

some people still like them and find them very original...


16 August, 2005 04:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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19 August, 2005 19:47  
Anonymous desenfrenada said...

For the record: Geebella is disgusting.
And: You have three readers now.

22 August, 2005 14:08  
Anonymous M. said...

I actually like Gee Bella... the drink. It's their laughably bad advertising hijinx that get on my tits.

Yay, more readers!

22 August, 2005 14:12  

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