Sunday, October 02, 2005

Meeting challenges

Wa-hey! Back in Z-Town after visiting my babe in a far away country. Long distance relationships are difficult, but not impossible. A "challenge", one could say. Which brings me straight to the topic of this entry: Work environments, and the language used therein. I'm HEARTILY sick of the use (and abuse) of the English language in offices across Switzerland. Just because you're trying to make your employees jump thru hoops of fire whilst juggling yapping puppies, does not mean you can beam your stupid smile in my face and call something a "challenge" (or, as some linguistically lobotomized individuals that have their own ideas about pronunciation would have it, "ä tschällääändsch").

It seems the art of straight talking is lost, maybe it's never been found. Woah, that was almost precociously "deep". In any case, managers, superiors and other sub-human lifeforms seem strangely drawn to the english language, as if it were a light source, a beacon of hope in the deepest depths of the office ocean. The german words "Konferenz" or "Sitzung" have all but left the corporate lingo: "Meeting". An english word, said in all shades of the swiss-german dialect. Like a cheesegrater on naked skin, with a healthy dollop of salt thrown in for good measure.

So, to the managers sitting in their leather chairs (making those god-awful sounds that make other people think you just farted), an informal request: Take that idiotic Star-Trek-Uhura-bluetooth-cellphone-thing out of your ear, and refrain from using english words. You're fooling nobody but the ditzy blonde secretary.


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